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Jeff Mesina's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

Jeff Mesina

2020 was the first year that I stepped into selling my coaching services online. It was scary to step into a new form of offering my gifts to the world after spending over a decade of teaching face-to-face. I believed that I could make a transformational impact, but felt it was only limited to the physical classrooms that I could find. I trusted in the process and begin enrolling private coaching clients for my program which one of my first breakthroughs. What I didn't realise until I joined EPM was to both own and communicate the value I was providing. Before EPM, the best I was able to do was enrol clients in 3-month packages that ranged from 150-450 total which averaged to $50-150/month. Coming from a monthly average of $0 this was amazing, but didn't make sense as a long-term business model with the number of clients. I think I even discounted some of those rates because I was so desperate to work with someone. The EPM program helped me to realise that my own anxieties around how much people could pay, my level of expertise compared to people who had been coaching for decades and my social media presence compared with people with full marketing teams was only getting in the way of serving. In January, I enrolled my first eve $3k client! He agreed to work with me at $997 for 3-months and in a recent coaching session, he asked me if I would be able to work with him after our packaged experience because of all the progress he had already made. I've enjoyed working with him each week and can see the progress that he's making in his learning, confidence and attitude to challenges. My focus has been on delivering an amazing learning experience and I haven't even tapped into Xperiencify yet. Next month, I will start up another marketing campaign to bring a few more high-touch clients into my program with the confidence and testimonial to back up the results I can provide. Thank you Marisa and EPM team!

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