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Lauri McKean (class of 2017)

I may be slow but I am tenacious... I have finally launched my online class for women entrepreneurs and leaders and have my first two registrations! I also had a great discovery session with a third woman today and expect it to convert. I'm SOOOO excited that it is actually happening!

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Deborah Hardee (class of 2017)

I just gotta say, one more time, how much I appreciate everything you've taught us Marisa Murgatroyd. I AM a raving fan! For example, just the idea of the swipe file is so awesome! I've been a photographer my whole life so writing ALL THE TIME is a very strange experience. The swipe file know how has really saved me and I'm starting to think I'm good at writing. A big improvement from thinking I was a HORRIBLE writer! Even if I'm swiping, I'm at least getting good at that. And when I adapt it to my message, it doesn't seem so swipie. Ha! Four days left of marketing for me and I'm starting to love that too. Who knew? Much gratitude to the tribe and Coach Rono.

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Patricia Cove (class of 2017)

I appreciate Marisa for the mighty lessons she gives daily on being our own Super-Hero, to reach for more than how our limiting beliefs have been obstacles in the past holding us back, and encouragement to step up and level up.

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Gordana Ross (class of 2017)

OMG - I'm in shock!
Marisa, you set the bar so extremely high with the quality of your EPM training that most other training courses can't reach.

I've signed up for Christian Mickelsen's 'Kickstart Your Coaching' training programme and I'm extremely disappointed. There are no videos, no presentations, only audios with a very poor sound quality and a beep sound every 20 seconds. There is so much background noise that I can't focus on what's been said.

I just wanted you to know that quality of the EPM programme is first class in every possible way. It certainly is the most exclusive experience I ever had with an online training programme and I've done a few. Congratulations and well done for this amazing experience.

After EPM, I will find it very difficult to find other programmes that meet my expectations, now that I experienced EPM.

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Michael Namkung (class of 2017)

I have learned SO much in this class and I am so grateful for being a part of this community and witnessing all the learning and all the transformation that's been happening in everyone ever since our first days back in November. So many of you in this group helped me refine my ideas and gain clarity and inspire me to be a constant learner and to keep iterating my way to awesome, and I truly hope I've helped some of you do the same.

My mission is to inspire artists and closeted artists of all kinds to stop hiding their true selves so they can step up into the power of their creative gifts that their soul and the world have been waiting for them to claim.

Thanks to an inspired wake-up call from Marla Mattenson, and OF COURSE with the inspirational example that is ALWAYS being set by Marisa Murgatroyd to model the behavior she wants to see in her students, I found the courage to stop hiding and finally do what I'm afraid of, and get my face out in front of the camera, and step up into my OWN power and stand in the VALUE of what I offer to the world. Because, WHY NOT?

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Cathy Nicoll (class of 2017)

Marisa Murgatroyd, you have done a great job of NOT leading us into the buzzword trap. Thank you.

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Carol Parker Walsh (class of 2017)

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Got my 3rd sign up today and that helped me to reach my minimum goal. My target is 5 and my stretch is 10 AND THERE'S STILL TIME! I used chatterbox, give them something they want, fast results and am currently in the perfect email campaign. I will continue to engage in ALL of these campaigns until my cart close date of Jan. 31st!! Thank you Domonique Bertolucci, Christine Dunn and Marisa Murgatroyd for your help, guidance and support in this process. You provided an exceptional model for how to create an amazing course that yields results!

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Patrick Willis (class of 2017)

Hi All... this is like the BEST group ever - I love the level of support and engagement... I'm already feeling a bit sad for when it will be over - lol.... BUT, to my point.. If you have a spare moment, could you please pop over to my new FB page and "like" it... (assuming you do) - I'm using it as a gateway to extend my research and really nail my offer - this will help my external credibility a little, and in the longer term, help my advertising. THANKS!

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Ghandolff The Grateful (class of 2017)

OMG! Great news....We have consolidated all of our research and marketing assets into a new program specifically designed for Albuquerque Entrepreneurs. We put together an ugly little piece of marketing to weed out the tire-kickers, event-hoppers, and samplers, that attracted a dozen serious entrepreneurs for a slideshow/workbook combo workshop with 5 worksheet/exercises to introduce the program The workshop flow was so smooth that I didn't even get butterflies at the offer and we had a 50% conversion of new leads and 50% upgrade commitment from existing members. Live classes for our 18-week biz dev program starts Monday and we are allowing free attendance so new people can come and experience the content and decide if this is the right development program for them! This is 1-to-few in action. Now, we can put the whole workshop into a webinar for 1-many evergreen and record the classes for the greater market outside of Albuquerque. After that, we will write scripts for a true PLF sequence which should be ready by the end of the semester.

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David McGlennen (class of 2017)

While I hadn't completed during our time together, I did launch a program and made $1,000 from the launch. It was small but a starting point. I learned so much through it and will launch same program with updates and upgrade again soon. Still learning and iterating!

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