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KitTin W Volcano

I have taken one thing from the trainings it's how many times Marisa Murgatroyd said $2000 in 10 weeks or less. Except every time she said it I would automatically say $50,000.

I have a confession to make. I haven't kept up on the trainings. I've just followed my heart and kept repeating the 50k in 10 weeks or less.

Happy to report WE'RE ON TRACK.

Got 100+ in our challenge (which is our lead magnet).

If we convert at our usual 20% we will make it!!!



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Nihal Kaur

Whoop! Mission Accomplished! At the end of March, we made $2,700 from tickets to our retreat. But that's not all. At the retreat itself we sold $12,000 in programs. AND in the launch wrap up, we've sold another $16,500 and counting. Yes, that's over $31,000 and we're not done yet. Thank you Coach Samara

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Jennifer Holbus

Today, I issued my first ever invoice - $4,000 for my first week as a Lean Transformation Coach!! And I feel GREAT!! It is what I am here to do ... my purpose .. my super power!!

My Story ......
How I won my first corporate contract ~$100k (6 months) .. doing "ME" ????

So .. I went through a period of high stress and depression which lead me to taking a sabbatical from corporate (GE) ~18 months ago. I walked away from a very successful career to start my lean six sigma training business where the "big" money is really in working with corporate clients.

While, I have sold several individual training products ... I haven't been able to win a corporate contract till now.
I totally credit this program for boosting my confidence to be able to do this.

I realized I was focusing on the wrong thing ... I really don't like core six sigma due to it being such a rigid methodology nor do I really enjoy implementing financial systems and I think prospective clients were able to pick up on that. I was always drawn to the common sense process improvement approach and the team based problem solving side of work. That's why I was successful at GE. I would do my day Job during the day and then at night.. I would focus on improving all the processes and consistently exceeded my managers expectations.

With Marisa's program, I discovered my true superpower which is "turning chaos into greatness" using a common sense approach.

So, my new (5 times pivoted) product is now "KaizenProductivity" - Learn How to kick start your process improvement efforts, know which problems to fix first & continuously change for better.

I help individuals and businesses become masters of their process improvement efforts and help them to continuously change for better by teaching them to plan and launch process improvement workshops, generate improvement ideas that everyone believes in so they can start fixing them.

This is where the story gets great .....

After joining the EPM program, I flew to Virginia to interview for a permanent job with one of the largest software companies in the world. My job was going to be a presales consultant that would present the functionality of the software to finance managers with the goal of closing a sale. After spending most of my career implementing financial systems, one would think this is the greatest opportunity in the world ... but why was I so nervous and why did the interview feel so forced.

I realized that I was interviewing only because I needed the money ... after 18 months of being an entrepreneur, I certainly did not want to go back to full time corporate work. And I sure did not want to do financial systems sales for that matter.

That was only one of several interviews for permanent roles where I was just going through the motion with no offers (except the one I turned down because I was being underpaid ... and now i know I probably would have said no even if it paid what I was asking. I was just not getting excited about these roles).

While away for the that pre-sales consultant interview, I logged into Live Your Message Academy and I watched Marisa's training on finding your Niche and your Super Power. I was so convicted by this lesson.

Following the lesson, I updated my Linked in profile - my headline now read : "Become a Master of you process improvement efforts and continuously change for better" and I updated the summary section with my new product mission.

I changed my current title from "Oracle Functional Consultant" to "Lean Transformation Coach". Since I had done a little of each type of work, I wanted my profile to reflect the type of work I was interested in.

Upon returning home ... my phone rang. It was a consulting firm that wanted to place me with a potential client as a Process Improvement Consultant to to do Lean Transformation Deployment & Coaching. He came across my LinkedIn profile ... he told me.

While talking to the recruiter, I spoke openly about my newly discovered super power, I even told them about my new upcoming product launch. We laughed on the phone ... they could feel my excitement and my passion in my voice. They fell in love ????!!

They liked me so much, they decided ... instead of placing me with the firm ... they would hire me directly to come in and "kick start" their own internal improvement efforts!!

And I said "YES!" Start date November 14th.

Hopefully, I can turn this around from 1:1 to 1:Few soon!! Feeling so blessed!! Thanks for reading ????

Note: I literally spent my last 2k on Marisa's program and crossed my fingers. (Teary eyed)

Today, I issued my first ever invoice - $4,000 for my first week as a Lean Transformation Coach!! And I feel GREAT!! It is what I am here to do ... my purpose .. my super power!!

Thank you Marissa ... the last 18 months of feeling defeated and going through the motion brought me to an email from Josh Turner which led me to your program and now I am right where I should be!! I remember opening that email and watching the interview between you and Josh and me saying to myself ... I think my prayers have been answered!!

OK. My name is Jennifer Holbus. I'm from Atlanta Georgia. My business is Professional Edge Training and Consulting and my product is Kaizen Productivity.

What was your inspiration go into business?

My inspiration for going into business was to get out of corporate. I worked with GE for 12 years. And I was really passionate about my work but it would never promote me to management because they thought I didn't have executive presence but I realized that they just did not want to get me out of doing because I was so passionate I was good at what I do. They wanted to keep me doing. So I decided I would start my own business do my own thing. And have more impact working with, you know many different clients. So there's one employer. [37.4]

So why does your work matter to you?

Having an impact--that's the biggest part for me. I value that more than money. Just being able to go into an organization and change what they do so much that they can see immediate impact.

So what was your business like before EPM?

Before EPM I had a training business that was primarily training videos and you know, it was not experienced type training. And it was just blah.

80% of my students did not make it through my training. And I was looking for a way to actually make more students complete the program. And then I came into--I came upon Marisa's program and she was talking about the experience product and I was like oh my goodness this is what I've been waiting for.

That is the reason that I joined EPM. It was to create an experienced training product for my students.

So were you concerned about investing in EPM?

I was, only because I had just spent 18 months trying every training out there and 90 percent of them I did not complete. So yeah I was skeptical. I did literally give Marisa my last $2000 and crossed my fingers.

So tell me about your experience in going through EPM.

It was good for me. I liked the collaboration. I like the fact that Marisa did not leave any students behind. She rewarded those people that participated. She motivated you to want to complete the program. So I did like it.

My favorite part was discovering my super powers and I went through the process that she used to help us figure out what our ikigai was and mine turned out to be transforming chaos into greatness.

What was your biggest break down in EPM?

The program was just really fast paced and I wasn't able to keep up. But I did get through it because I just developed my own pace and I just went at my own pace. So I didn't try to do what everybody else was doing. And it was OK to go at my own pace.

What was your biggest breakthrough?

My biggest breakthrough was finding my niche, finding my tribe and discovering, you know, my story, my wounds and base on my wounds discovering the tribe that I wanted to work with because I want to work with people who had the same wounds like I did. And so you know I was thinking back to when I was nine years old when I had a lot of abandonment in my life and that came through my life as making me feel like I was stupid all the time like I wasn't smart enough. And I realized that there are people out there that are just like me who experienced the same type of wounds. And those are the people that I want to work with. You know the people when you talk to them and tell them your story and they're like, "oh my gosh where did you come from? You're just like me." So I discovered my story and through that, the tribe that I wanted to serve.

So how did you like working with Marisa?

I love Marisa. She is a powerhouse. She knows her stuff. She cares about her students and she always over delivers, you know? And she always comes up with more and she doesn't just put a program together and go lockstep through the program. As she's going through the program, she surveying the students seeing what's needed and she's adding and changing the program as she goes along. And it's just great.

So what is your business like after EPM?

After EPM my business just took off. Essentially, I went from you know not making any money to having clients that, you know, respect me and want to work with me. I'm not afraid to show up to work, I'm not afraid to speak up, I do have leadership skills even though my company didn't think I did. You know I'm coaching executives and they respect me and listen to what I have to offer. So it's beautiful.

So how has your mindset changed after EPM? [8.7]

After EPM, you know, going through EPM I discovered that my self didn't matter. Nobody cares that I have an MBA and that I'm a lean Six Sigma massive black belt and you know nobody cares. They just want to know what can you do for me. And so that was a big turnaround for me because I spent a lot of time talking about myself and how good I am at what I do. But I never focused on what I can do for the client you know. And that's really all they care about. You know what can I get for my $2000 eventually.

How much money did you make during EPM?

During EPM, four weeks in and I signed my first client and that was $100,000 for six months.

And after EPM?

After EPM, I was able to get that up to one year and added another $150,000. So from zero to six months, a quarter mill.

And how do you feel about that?

I feel great. I love it.

Cool. So what was the most incredible thing about having an online business?

The most incredible thing about having an online business is that the world is my market. You know there are so many people online every single day and every single one of those are a potential client. There's many people on the internet who have similar businesses like mine or they're going through the same struggles as mine. Having the groups that Marisa put together the camaraderie and everybody supporting each other, it's just a great place to do business. And you know there are no walls.

Can you describe your lifestyle a little bit?

My days are pretty uneventful. I work a lot and even though I have my own business now, I still put a lot of hours in. You know when I was working in GE, I worked nonstop for 12 hours every day. I didn't see my child and my husband had to take him to his doctor's appointments, my husband took him to all his paren-teacher conferences, soccer games--I didn't see him at all. And now, you know. I'm able to--I can take him to a soccer games, if I can take him to doctor's appointments and make my own calendar and we're able to do a lot of things that we couldn't do before. You know so we like going out to eat, taking long road trips, going on vacations. So, yeah. I need to answer this--her kids are supposed to be with my--let's see if she's messaged me. Let me see if this is urgent because I think Nate's with her kids.

The next question was how's your family supports you?

My family's very supportive. My husband's--Okay. So my husband is very supportive, very supportive. When I have to travel for business he jumps right in. He picks up the slack and he's just very supportive. And my son, I mean he's maturing, by me not being home. You know, when I was home I was beating him a lot. So I mean he's also benefiting from from me not being home he's stepping up and making dinner and doing things. And they support me. just moral support. is telling me how great I am and you know, keep up the good work and stuff and they're proud of me. My son I think they forgot I'm shooting.

Tell me about the impact you have with your clients.
My clients. It's just amazing. You know, right now my client is like for 400 million dollars in revenue. And coming from a company like GE that has, you know, close to 200 billion in revenue. I bring a lot of experience that they've never seen, a lot of things that they, you know, most people in that firm has been with the firm for 20 years and they have never experienced the things that I have. So I'm able to bring a lot of value and a lot of tools that I've used over the years and I'm able to have immediate impact with them.

How do you feel about that?

I feel great. I feel good knowing that I am having such impact, that my customers are happy, I'm happy.

Last time you mentioned something like--you mentioned something you know, that you are happy to do. You want to see your customers happy, if only you don't have to pay bills--

I'm having, you know, a lot of impact. Like quick wins you know they're they're just little things that I do that can turn things around for them real quickly. And to me it's nothing big but to them, it's huge. And I really love what I do--so I'll do even if I don't have the experience in it, I'll do a lot of research and I'll find the answer for them and they just love it. My clients love me. I love what I do. And yes I'll do it for free if I didn't have to pay my bills and you know, if my husband would let me, I'd do it for free.

That's wonderful. So what would you say to someone who's considering EPM. [4.4]

Go for it. It changed my life. You know it gives you everything you need from beginning to end to launch a product. Tools that you can apply, you know, you're applying as you're learning and you can earn as you learn. So I say go for it.

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Jeannine Kenworthy

I'm an artist and I've been going to Italy personally and professionally for 17 years. I've been wanting to take other women to Tuscany for years. Last year I reserved a space but ended up cancelling it. I just didn't know how to get started.

I followed my intuition and signed up for the Experience Product Masterclass. Wiithin just a few weeks, I adjusted the way I was speaking about it to my circle of friends (establishing myself as an authority and speaking to important basic needs instead of just luxury.) I put a few apartments on hold and shared an opportunity to go to Italy with me in one Facebook group. Two women said YES, paid $2800, and before the program was even over, I was in Italy with them, and, I got to stay for a whole month. (I actually came home a few days after the completion of our course.)

I also got 2 exhibition invitations while I was here, and made an important business contact. I've got 6 women interested in going with me next year and am already planning 2 trips for next year. I am so happy I am finally living this dream.

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Margherita Vondrak

I just followed Marisa's teaching, making myself a flow fountain going up towards my goal, (instead of the funnel that goes into a hole). I reached $3000, which is 50% above the goal of the Experience Master Class. I am happy!

Margherita Crystal Lotus

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Marina Dean

I literary sprinted into my MISSION ACCOMPLISHED finished line at 11:59! So I am going to call it my 11:59 response moment... It was truly significant ...

I did it through the CHATTER BOX and EMAIL. As I was following up my email to a few people this morning, one of then had been trying to call me to follow up with what she called my "weird email." I sent them my sales campaign letter last Friday with the subject line : "I need your help very badly .... please read attached document and respond asap."

In the body of the email I just said: "Will explain the details later ..."

Where Marisa's letter that she sent to her list few years ago was sweet and long sweet, mine was as brief as a few lines. Not Not because I write that way but because of fear and not knowing what to say in such situation --- when you are pressed to sell, to ask for that sales, even knowing I had something amazing to share with them...

I expected my emails to be ignored and I actually consigned myself to the group needing a longer time to set their carts up and themselves to Mission Accompli$hed. But I must have aligned my energies with that of the universe than I realized because I asked and it delivered. I am so happy and grateful. it brought me to the MA line!

I cried later when I realized the great trust and patience of the people who respond to me in the way they did.

I will continue the writing of this later after I am physically rested and assimilated and celebrated all the things that brought me to this point. in the EPM journey. What a journey it was ...

Congratulations to all those that reached the MA line too, who had sold more, earlier and faster....will be adding my stories to yours in the coming two day :)

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Jeff V Poole works! I just landed a big chatterbox gig for coaching, training, and 1:1 sessions in Ukraine which involve 36 people. All expenses are paid since they are flying me in for 16 days! Six people will be part of a group social program because of financial considerations. 20 people will have 1:1 sessions and 10 people will be part of my VIP program for special training and coaching.

Total revenue for that 16 days will be over $12,500! It's part of a special program I created with a worldwide spiritual organization interested in the work I do, based on my new book that pre-sold on Amazon as a #1 seller due out in a few weeks.

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Kate Wan

With just one product and one client I made more than ever before on a package in over 10 years of business.

It sounds so easy when I write it in one sentence, the truth is it really was a turbulent ride. I started the EPM journey full of hope and ambitions - actually so much so that I decided not to only make one product but my whole product suite, Marisa had advised us to focus on just one. As much as i know she is the expert I also had people asking for different products so I decided to buck the system and try to create two.

Through out the process my brain felt scrambled. I had post it's all over my office walls focusing on 1 product one day and the other product the next all whilst still working with existing clients on another program. PLUS I am a mother of 3 young children and I only work in school hours. This program, my existing business, school volunteering, grocery shopping, my exercise and general life needed to fit into less than 25 hours a week. I'll be honest - creating the programs was overwhelming, time consuming and confusing. Thank fully we had the guidance of a coach - Kataka was amazing at helping me keep focused and in line. Any time I felt i was on the verge of giving up I would have a coaching session with her and get straight back on track. To be 110% transparent i should also let you know i am in Marisa's mentorship program so I felt i had a good head start on this project as well.

Just when I got to the point of having 2 birds eye views, product names, program stories and logos being created on 2 programs I had a potential client contact me and ask to set up a meeting to work with one of his employees.

The big problem i faced was I could not manage to get him to tell me what work they needed before we had the meeting - I did not know what program I needed to complete before speaking to them. The meeting was in 2 days time, I was anxious yet also had a feeling of inner confidence that I had enough information on both of these programs that i could go to the meeting and feel i could answer any questions and offer a service... and that I did!

The most interesting part of the meeting was the senior leader wanted one program and the potential client wanted the other. After discussing their needs in detail and answering all of their questions i went home and called them back in an hour with a proposal of a VIP package that included both of the original packages content and cut out the parts they did not require. I was able to act fast and fill the clients needs plus upgrade my offer. They said "yes" on the spot and arranged to pay $7400 in full immediately.

I like the quote by Zig Ziglar

"You can have everything you want in life, if you just help enough other people get what they want"
With Marisa's genius guidance and listening to what the client truly wants, I believe there is no reason this can not continue to grow beyond my wildest dreams.

Mission Accomplished!!

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Linda Vorthman

Five years ago I retired from a career in administrative and computer support for a university. I left behind my ginormous community of friends and moved to a tiny, quiet town to start life over with my new husband. It was the culmination of a sleeping beauty love story that began when we were 14 years old, interrupted by 42 years apart and reawakened with a 2-week whirlwind engagement after he located me on Facebook. I felt a veil lift, reminding me of our innocent soul love, revealing him as my authentic soul mate. Bill was my first kiss, and now my last. If you ever meet him, please do yourself a favor and ask for the details of how he openly carried a flame for me his whole life. I’ve witnessed many happy tears in response to hearing our love story.

By all standards, I should have been happy and content. I had 60+ years of living tumultuous stories in my personal life, set against the backdrop of always having a steady career as an overachiever. I was a super Mom to two beautiful children, three grandsons and my first great grandchild. On Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs I was now nested strongly on the top rung.
I presented at my naturopath as she described just “barely present”. She told others I lived on the couch surfing TV shows with a bit of drool spilling over the corner of my lip. Not a pretty picture. She didn’t realize I was severely addicted to Candy Crush video games, and active in the online community helping others struggling to level up. She weaned me off a long list of psychoactive medications and I began to reawaken. She cried a tear as I shared the short version of haunting memories, including the night I was held hostage by a serial murderer on the run while he shared the minutia of his current crime spree. She applauded my victory as a courageous survivor of incest, since my perpetrator spent years in prison and we subsequently reconciled through unconditional forgiveness.

I didn’t have any money to call my own. I was feeling a tiny bit more like myself again, so I spontaneously registered for a Hell Yeah business builder conference in Vegas. Thud. My loving hubby’s jaw dropped and we had an abrupt “come to Jesus” meeting with my doctor. Flipping from depression into mania was NOT welcomed with open arms. I started getting twinges of entrepreneurial feelings, exciting possibilities and difficulty narrowing to a niche or taking any action towards business. I stayed safe in ninja stealth mode, which meant my ideas didn’t see the light of day.

Slouched on my couch, Marisa rode a ray of sunshine onto my laptop screen and a new day dawned in my existence. She looked me right in the eye and promised she would take a stand for me to be a winner. Cupid’s arrow struck. When “perfect daughter syndrome” held me hostage with inaction. Fight, flight or freeze. Marisa’s “iterate to awesome” mantra arose my secret energy. EPM awakened my college student memories. Studying, engaging, exploring, dreaming & connecting. The intensity drowned out my gaming addiction overnight. I was hooked on ChaChing points now. I lay awake contemplating the success of my new EPM tribe friends. I raced around studying, hand holding, researching ideas to share. To spread the love, I gave honest feedback to other budding entrepreneurs, putting my fears aside. “Um, respectfully, your product sucks and you have typos. Will you still love me?”

If I had known the personal development power of becoming an entrepreneur, I swear I would have started eons ago. Psychiatrists, medications, counseling, crying on friends’ shoulders held little transformative power when compared to the 8-week EPM pressure cooker. As I awoke to my deepest superhero powers through EPM training & friends, I gained a brilliant new clarity about my purpose on Earth. The EPM Ikinomics revealed I’m an ambivert. My extravert social butterfly flits around in support of others’ success. My introvert keeps my emotionally tender business aspirations safely secret, behind the proverbial smile to mask the pain. This is an old worn out coping mechanism of incest. While you abuse my body and murder my soul, my inner sanctum keeps my true essence a secret. EPM shifted this cognitive dissonance through constant, loving interactions among 400 people with a shared goal. Surprise! It’s nonviable to build my business in secret.
My first experience product is a culmination of my life, my being, one of my superpowers – supporting others in sharing their memoirs (or even confessions). Life is uncertain. Don’t die with your story secret inside.

Did I create a web site, a large public marketing campaign, an autoresponder and squeeze page for a large list? Nope, not yet and I will thanks to extensive tools from Marisa, Coach Kataka and bonus mentors (especially Don Crowther).
October saw death of a family member and a couple gatherings where I openly shared with close friends how I’d swapped my gaming addiction for an experience product learning addiction. With my business no longer secret, I earned $3,500 through this informal Chatterbox campaign. Four customers have my signature on the back of a napkin promising to fulfill my sales after Christmas. Mission Accomplished (though I do feel a couple may have been a pity payment). Oh well. ;-)
[Hint: Now I need Marisa’s Hidden Story Power program]

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Nicole Coutts


I actually reached this several weeks ago however was not seeing it for what it was. I was seeing what I hadn't achieved and focusing on that.

Here are all my EPM program details
Holistic Weight Loss Masterclass
online delivery, 1 bonus live face to face full day workshop (delivered this 2 days ago and they loved it and want to do it again so I've decided to include another face to face workshop or event at the end of the 12 week program).
Also includes physical products (supplements and essential oils)
Beta program pricing. I decided this time around to not charge for the actual program and only the physical products (supplements and essential oils). This was the challenge for me as based on actual sales I was well and truly over mission accomplished, however commission/profit on physical product is much lower and I've just scrapped in with actual $ in my pocket being the mission accomplished $2,000
9 new full members totally $9738 AUD in physical product sales over the course of 3-4 months depending on when they registered.
I also had what I'm calling half members. Clients who were already using the products and interested in the program I decided to gift them the program also. They have all increased their product spend over the course of the last 2 months due to being in the program (even though the program only just started 1 week ago, not sure at this stage how much profit this has been)
My intention was not so much short term profit but more create something that would lead to long term product use and referrals for the program. As well as create a program which would be evergreen eventually and have continual, rollover registration with minimal delivery requirements from myself.My minimum goal was 13 new members so with 9 I have fallen a little short of this. I can now see however that I have well and truly shown proof of concept with this program first time around. People want this and are willing to invest in it.

I still have a few hours remaining until registration closes. Who knows.

I used free session
sales page
1 talk

I don't think I had anything from chatterbox
2 from free session
1 full registration and 2 halfs from talk
2 clients from my clinic
I from a FB post an actual friend
3 from referrals

I only decided to do a last minute sales page because the 3 referrals actually signed up just from the referral of their friend about the program and I only emailed them the program outline pdf. I offered a free session initially but didn't hear anything back so I decided to send the pdf outline with a deadline and pricing and all 3 emailed back saying they wanted to register within 24 hours.

Once the program is completed I will decide if I will add a fee for the actual program also. This will depend on the longer term product sales of participants being long term users.

I have learned so much over the course of this 10 weeks and am amazed at how much I have achieved. Now it is time to continue with the delivery of the program and deliver the results.

Thank you to everyone who supported me in this program with feedback and your knowledge. I couldn't have done it without you.

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