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Andy Williams

I was having confusion about what direction to go with my coaching business, I wasn’t sure what to do to get moving in one specific direction. I joined EPM and gained clarity in how to identify and build out a solution to a micro-niche. I leaned into the program and identified one specific solution to offer to my target customers.

I was having trouble identifying messaging that would resonate with my target audience, I wasn’t sure what to do to rapidly design and iterate my product definition and messaging. I joined EPM and leveraged the program and Ainslee to rapidly iterate and build things I could test with customers. I leaned into the program, iterated my way to awesome, and secured my first sale.

I have shifted from complex bespoke offerings to a scalable platform. While not yet, the scalable platform will give my family the life of our dreams. Nail your micro-niche and core solution, then iterate your way to awesome. The focus needed to finally scale.

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Tina Mulhern

I wasn't sure if I would ever work again. I simply didn't show up for my clients' appointments, more than once. You see most days, I didn't know the date on the calendar There I was, a seasoned therapist with decades of experience, swimming against the current of a brain disorder. I've felt the confusion, the despair, the fear that comes with feeling like stress has a hold on me. It was a time when Covid Long Haul had gripped my brain, distorting my thinking, robbing me of my memories. I know what it's like to feel trapped, to feel like you're losing a battle that's being fought within your own mind and body. I remember the torment of each day, the ceaseless struggle that seemed to have no end. I felt like I'd lost myself, my purpose, my calling. Understanding the power of the brain to heal through decades of working with brain-based healing strategies, I knew if I could just keep my brain sharp it might not continue to decay. I got certified as a neuroscience coach and then knew I needed to take a class right away. The class had to be be engaging, and purposeful and with the right people. I landed on a Webinar with Marisa in a course called EPM and was so excited I signed up right in the middle of the Webinar. I wasn't looking for a training program for online course creation, but what the heck. The last time I jumped into a training program the day I found it, was a Real Estate course and I earned 6 figures at 23 years old in the 80's. I had 86 people working for me a few years later and let's just say, ten years flew by. The EPM course was fun, it kept my brain busy, really busy and I had a great feeling about it, just like I did in the 80's. After long hours, even some all nighters, I managed through the material. Sometimes it was a slog, but mostly I was exhilerated. I was creating a course for people like me, stressed yet able to heal with neoro-based strategies to build brain resiliency. Graduation date was on my calendar and I showed up! That's the power of resilience. That's the power of hope.

There I was, clicking away... getting my dopamine hits, quickly trying to take screen shots so I could capture my XP and XXP totals. Somehow, I thought that those Ka-Chings and bright colors flying across the screen might be the only proof that I could actually keep going. How could I have missed the mark, not just a little bit, a lot! Niche down, niche down I heard over and over in my own head. Did that mean I had to niche myself into a corner, a place that there was no light, no joy, no passion? Oh crap, how could I have not known until half way through the program that I had lost my passion about the choice I made. Ah, the dopamine had clouded my rational mind, yes that must be it. I woke up, in the wee hours of the morning and it hit me, pivot 15 degrees 25, 40? Whatever it takes to get your passion back. Coach was a willing partner and blessed my request with a slight cautionary tone regarding timing of my decision. He could hear in my expression that my newfound passion would propel me beyond the call of duty and I'd get those Ka-chings moving at lightning speed. That's the thing about the coaches in EPM, they support us, they hold us, they know things we don't. Right around the corner of a pivot is a mission accomplished. At least it was for me and so many others.

And so the story goes like this. What kind of person, who is a Feng Shui practitioner, a minimalist, energy savvy with nary a thing out of place nor an extra object taking up residence in her home would seriously be motivated by a set of plastic teeth, sitting one day in the near future chattering away in her candlelit office? It boggles my mind that I was hit with FOMO - and if it weren't for those teeth that Marisa was so excited about, I likely would not have moved on my chatterboxing campaign when I did. It would have been so much easier to wait until after the holidays, but hey... I wanted to call and catch up with people anyway. Then a prior client called me, needed a simple favor for a friend. Sure, she knew it would be an easy yes, I adore her. It gave us a chance to catch up and surely, not only did she want to join my course, she was quite sure her friend, the one that need the favor, would be interested too- as well as her daughter.. ... How sweet was that?... I hung up and thought of the teeth and a silly little grin formed across my face - no Fear Of Missing Out happening that day. It's odd what can subconsciously motivate us. But one thing is for certain. At EPM, keeping us motivated and wanting us to succeed is no game. They know we have a mission, a purpose, a desire and we don't want to miss out on our chance to prove to ourselves we can do it.

How do you prove an idea? What's the proof, it's an idea! It's in my head, but not in the world, at least not right away. Our thoughts become our reality, then that reality is in the world. It becomes what is. How often do people have a vision, or other senses indicating that something in their mind is actually already forming in the physical world, yet there is no physical proof? For me, that is what I sometimes refer to as an intention. I intend things into being. Some call it magical thinking. Some refer to it as being in the zone, flow, or the law of attraction. I call it, way of life, at least my life and so many others who operate in this way. When my client Judy called for a favor and we began connecting, there was a knowing, an ease an "isness". I call things that are just what "is" which hasn't formed in the physical world yet but are present, "isness". I've known about "isness" since I was a child and had to make sense of the world - a crazy, dangerous, odd world. Orphaned at 2 years old, then again at 6, then again at 13... domestic violence, broken bones, abandonment, vehicular homicide, molestation, corporal punishment, imprisonment - placing myself in foster care- stuff horror films are made of, things that make Oprah cry..and finding peace, love, forgiveness, joy, family, self-worth and "isness". My idea was proven in the state of "isness" in the number three, just like one of the EPM requirements 1) Judy, 2) her friend and 3) her daughter... before we even spoke that day. Some people are connected to that world, it's just the way it is. We don't question it. We like it like this... it's easy. It works. It's better than the alternative.

Pivot... that's what we do here at EPM. It's a good thing. It keeps us going. It provides momentum. Well, I was no stranger to pivoting and I decided that in order to get to mission accomplished, I couldn't keep going with a 12-week course. Pivot. I didn't want to offer my Mindset Reset for Stress course to therapists. Pivot. I couldn't know, with less than 7 weeks left in the program, if it would sell for full price or if it would fly as a 21-day course so - reduce the price and make it Beta - Pivot. What would that do to the big dream of XX$ and beyond???? Pivot. Then I realized as I contemplated my prior successes in building businesses. I never advertised, was never on social media (they didn't have that in the early 90's). Instead, my business growth, no matter which entrepreneurial venture I created, always grew to 6 figures by word of mouth. So, my "beyond" didn't need to be any of the things I had imagined those early days of EPM. Sure, I'd made my investment back and… beyond, but my real beyond was something far greater, something without a dollar sign. My beyond was my personal reputation, my integrity, my honor, my work ethics. Okay, I had the problem that decisions I made weren't spot on and I needed to pivot thus the dollars earned decreased. But, as I moved along with chatterboxing and I connected with prior and current clients, another value became evident. A value that I had overlooked when I was writing dollar signs and zeros on my goal sheet. Those too will come, especially now that I have reconnected with my true worth.

The biggest change in my business is that now I have a business! Thanks to Marisa, Murray and Crew and my own Fortitude - in Sonia's terminology - I am once again Becoming Unsinkable and Bouncing Back Big :) I had 3 service businesses when Covid 19 hit in the Boston area -My Holistic Health Center that I own, The Holistic Health Centers that I had long-term investments on (6 figure passive income) and my lucrative private therapy practice all were shut down on same day on March 14, 2020 by the government and remained shuttered for more than a year. Financial devastation in addition to long-term illness. It has given me a way to earn income and live my big selfish why and my altruistic why. My biggest take away is that now I am in momentum I will remain in momentum. Bedridden for 1 1/2 years, sick for nearly 4 is the opposite of momentum. I choose Momentum! I can return to helping people and providing form my family :)

I love the EPM and Xperiencify FAMILY - Wakanda Forever!

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Beverly Smallwood and Amy Barrett

"For two years we had tried without success to get going with online programs. We had great motivation, but we just didn't know enough. When we learned about the EPM program, we decided it was just what we needed.

And how right we were! This program took us step-by-step through a process, building concepts and skills a step at a time. Despite some unexpected personal hardships during this period, we managed to keep up and keep going in developing our product. We stayed hopeful and persevered because of the excellent teaching and support from the LYM team.

Our program targets the healthcare leaders in a hospital setting who have been on the front lines of the COVID treatment. I'm a psychologist, Amy's a nurse, and we together were passionate about doing something to help those who have risked and sacrificed so much. I (Bev) am Executive Coach to the Chief Nursing Officer of this major health system. When we talked with her about the project, she recognized the need and gave us access to interviews with about 10 of her Nurse Managers of COVID units. We combined the stories they told, strategies gained from a through literature review of the essential of disaster recovery, and our own professional expertise to create the six main modules, delivered bi-weekly. On alternate weeks, we will engage the leaders of specific units in small-group coaching on implementation of the skills and specific challenges in their units (8 units total).

The hospital bought the program for $24,000. They say that if this goes well, they will consider rolling the program out more widely in the system. We also have plans to market to other hospitals, and we are optimistic about it because the prospects KNOW that this is a crying need. They are losing experienced nurses every day, and their organizations are suffering. We believe that we are just beginning, and our ""whole lot more than $2000"" will become a whole lot more than that!

This never would have happened without EPM! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marisa, Coach Jennifer, and all the other coaches who provided expertise and support.

What specifically did you do to experiencify your program? Give us an example of a core experience you implemented in your product.
Break-out sessions in the presentation, individualized coaching for implementation, sharing of wins and recognition for wins through public affirmation and rewards/bonuses. Others to be determined as we get further into it.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
We, too, can create online courses, and with step-by-step diligence, our efforts lead to significant income.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
I (Bev) will be able to let go of an area of my business that produced significant income but little satisfaction. Amy is able to move further into the coaching career she sees as her future pathway.

What is now possible for you because of your Experience Product?
I see the potential for greater time and financial freedom.

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Shelly Southall

I’ve lived most of my life as “the fat girl.” I started my first doctor-directed diet at eight years old. That was followed by years of diets, fat camps, pills, starvation, hospital programs, cardio-queen routines…you name it, I probably tried it. After years of ups and downs I finally turned to weight loss surgery in 2002...and some might say I failed that, too. I lost 101 pounds, regained half of it and returned to the miserable dieting yo-yo for more than a decade. In 2017, I ditched the diets and through trial and error finally lost my regain…and to my shock, I kept it off. I knew I had to help others who were struggling with post-surgery regain, but I was struggling to get traction. When I joined EPM, I had done a course that those who completed loved—key phrase being, “those who completed it.” I was giving the course away as a free bonus to a monthly membership community. I had five people in my membership community when I started, who are all raving fans of my program. I knew I needed to revitalize my course and make it better. It wasn’t changing lives sitting on a shelf. Through this program I learned how to change some of my messaging, simplify my course and deliver it live instead of through video so I could get instant feedback. I was terrified to charge money. I had never charged more than the $47/month that I charge for my membership program. I was going to charge $197, but coach Emily challenged me to go bigger. So, I did. She also challenged me to accelerate my planned timeline. I did. I may not have made the $2k goal as I write this, but don’t count me out just yet. I’ve already hit $1,491 and I’m learning the art of chatterboxing (which is making me break through my resistance and fear) and within the last hour two people just said they want to learn more about how I did it. I would have liked to begin my course on 2/01, but due to moving my life, home and business across the country this month I felt I had to delay it to March to do it right. The good news is that gives me time to make not just one more sale before my course begins on 3/15, but I’m reaching for my stretch goal! (And to answer the question I know you must be thinking…YES, thanks to the insight from this course, I’ve got people who bought the course already engaged with a three-month bonus in my community membership where they get to meet with me and my small group live.) EPM was just what I needed. Marisa is amazing and I value her wisdom. Coach Emily rocks!!! I have gained so much, but more importantly, the people who need my message and insight will win too. At the end of the day this is not about me…it’s about lifting up the people who need my help. I will be continuing my journey...revisiting the EPM content, attending LYM Live and I’ll be scheduling a call to learn more about Momentum, too. Thank you for powering through your own challenges to figure this out and bringing the rest of us along with you on this amazing ride!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
People are looking for validation or a reason to opt out...the experience you create for them has the power to influence which path they take.

How did EPM help you become successful?
It helped me make what I had more engaging.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
I got over my resistance to charging more and chatterboxing. Oddly enough, I've become much more productive because I feel more purposeful.

What has been the biggest change in your business?
My messaging, using a just in time approach and my confidence.

What is now possible for you because of your Experience Product?
Blue skies! I have a long way to go, but I see the possibilities and am going for it!

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Connie Green

Hello my name is Connie Green I'm from Charlotte NC. I'm a Christian counsel. certified master life coach, speaker, author of two books "When Love hurts" and "When Love Heals". I help hurting women that are victimized by domestic violence through detox therapy, spiritual enlightenment, mind renewal, and comforter strategies. I'm excited about the Experience Product Masterclass because it has helped me organize my thoughts to help create a marketable offer to my ideal customer.

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Karen Unger

2021 was one of the worst years of my life. I lost six family members including my dear 90 year old mother and my best friend lost her ten year battle with cancer. I had Covid and long recovery, then November 17 lost my job of 35 years. I was ready for change but all the loses where tough to get through. Marisa and coach Richele plus reading all the Facebook posts propelled me forward everyday and even though I got in the weeds once or four times Marisa pulled me through. I hit mission accomplished and will not stop. I am so ready now with tools and confidence! Nothing will stop me! Thank you Marisa for changing my life!

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Barbara Rispoli

I have always desire to write a book but when EPM was offered I thought it would be best to start with an online course. It seemed less daunting to me then a book. I did have concerns about having the time to complete the course and actually launch a paper plane teaching coaching course online. The problem was simply time, having a full time position. EPM was extremely helpful to me in breaking down exactly what I wanted to teach and gave me the tools of putting my message together so it could translate passion. I was able to see the larger picture of not just creating an informational course but enacting the transformation part through action steps. The only time I struggled was in pricing and sales. I felt uncomfortable that not being my strength. I was encouraged when Coach Mark felt that my product price was to low for all that I was giving but thought, being it was my first time that I could start at 197. I did my chatter boxing campaign by contacting people through face book and also through a free class I was already teaching online. I launched my offer right before Christmas and people starting registering and within 10 days I had 24 clients paid & registered and 2 additional free peers to give me feed back. We are presently in the 3rd week and its been wonderful. I already have several testimonies of break through in hearing God's voice and many spiritual experiences. I have been using different teaching tools and created a closed group face book page for completed action steps. I am excited for the next 3 weeks and seeing all come into a deeper and higher relationship with God.

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Denise Lochtenbergh

Hello! Well.. for one.. I was having the challenge of paying for the course every month because 2 of the financial expectations I had fell through.. Alas.. that did help me in having more time to experience my final expansion toward my abundance and believing in it, by focussing on my techniques that I teach, to create a new story for myself. The help of EPM, Coach Mike, Marisa's stories and the guided program helped me dive into the depths of it all, really have a more organized approach toward the course and hybrid offerings I've been developing for a long time. I really needed that community leader and community of people who believe in my product, who speak the same, or similar language as me, and understand where I'm going with my creations. I've been following trends in the net for a long time, yet the people closer to me have thought I was crazy and ridiculous for a long time. I haven't been able to convince them, for a long time about what I'm doing, because I have yet had proof of the success of it. I have been frantically enabling (or disabling) myself to learn how to get up to snuff with launching a product for years, and have had a lot of learning and a couple *almosts* yet had a few near successes that became near failures, yet really what happened, is they've all been stepping stones to making a full product, all the while learning more and more, and realizing that I really must get my work out there, yet how.

When, I came across Marisa's advertisement for EPM, I was like YES, THIS IS THE ONE. Because I'm an experience creator, she spoke my language and is giving me exactly what I need.

I needed formulas, and to get EVERY ASPECT of it completed. I don't know how many weeks over the years that I've juggled calculations on how much it will cost, what am I actually creating, what are the brands, what are the modules, what is the product, what do I serve, who do I serve it to, how, and what do I say to them?

The most challenging for me, has been pitching it. I have been "learning" for years.. So getting out there and sharing was where I shyed away from. In the mean time people around me are dying, and I could help them if I could get my products and courses out there, yet I can't help them individually. I've been helping many needy people individually, and it's time to help many people with a full experience, not just piecemeal.

This Experience Product Masterclass, does exactly that, helps my creations be a full experience. It had the possibility for ALL my questions to be answered, for all my doubts, or the doubts of the people around me to be quelled, and to still step forth, and with confidence and a beautiful magnetic energy that I'm calling forth, and so thus, I can ground it into reality. I knew it was all possible, I've been going for it.. yet I just didn't have the way completed firmed up and enabled. Rather, I was spinning my wheels going in circles, advising with various friends who often just made me frustrated, because they just don't get what I'm going for, where I'm at, nor even what the possibilities are.

Marisa and team, GET THE POSSIBILITIES and they've proven it. It's a quality experience to learn from someone whose already done it. Though, it's not a formula that I would have thought I would have gone for. I do, indeed react to and interact with the advertisements that are catered to me, and I enjoy listening to what people have learned, their stories of how they got there, what their purpose is and what their earning. So.. throughout this course, I've really been able to say, "You know what, I can be one of these people, I too have a great offering and there are certainly people who will benefit and may even be looking for me without knowing." So I have the courage to get out there, the framework and my content is much better scultped than ever before. I look forward to progressing, I've always known I would be a success at this, I just didn't know how to invite those who are looking for me in, nor impress upon my community, that hey, this is what I'm doing and I'm going to be succesful at it, because I know it's a win-win-win for many. I feel so happy for having taken this course. And really look forward to progressing more and more and more with my offerings that I've been developing over the last MANY years!! TIME TO GET OUT THERE.

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Kelsey Rosenbaum

"I currently work for a global conservation organization, but often feel undervalued and stifled in my career. Since having my son during the pandemic, I found new inspiration to reflect on my talents and invest in myself, so I can write my own story of success. In 2022, I became a Life + Travel Coach and created RISE Global – empowering women to discover their unique genius and explore how they can effect change and create beauty in the world.

After months of 1:1 coaching, I wanted to create a program that would allow me to more efficiently reach a larger group of women. I loved the idea of tapping into the energy of a group to maximize my impact. I am a master at dreaming big and envisioning the long-term success plan, but the idea of creating structure and designing program curriculum felt incredibly daunting.

I watched Marisa’s promotional classes and felt a pull, but the timing felt impossible because I was already enrolled in an intensive travel design program, while coaching clients on the weekends, and my family was taking a big trip to France before the holidays…not to mention…the holidays! I truly wasn’t sure how I would find enough time in the day to complete the program, but the real question was – what do I risk by not taking this risk?!

Reflecting on my big WHY I was building my company, and who I was doing it for, I made the investment and joined the Experience Product Masterclass. In the last 12 weeks, I’ve learned the exact steps I needed to build a dynamic program and market to my ideal clients. I trusted the progress over perfection method to stay in motion and gave myself grace throughout.

With the weekly content deep dive from Marisa’s videos, the hands-on guidance and feedback from my coach and the entire EPM network, I gained more confidence in my expertise, designed my 6-week RISE and Revitalize program, enrolled 5 ladies, AND launched the program before graduation.

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Rainer Eschen

I was having the challenge how to create products for music content creators and monetise these for a living. I joined the EPM program and learned when which product offer, with which pricing how have to be marketed. I followed the MVP path and got a blueprint to start the business and talk to a first interested person to get feedback to improve my idea.

To have a concrete idea how to do it - following a proved concept and shorten the invested time to realise. It gave me a lot of useful answers and some insight I wouldn't have expected. The amount of information, the deepness of the concept behind will help the next years to launch a lot of different product types with ease. I can develop a concrete concept for a content creator economy business.

I recommended it some minutes ago to someone interested. - It's a bit of a shame that covid has put a spanner in the works. I would have liked to get even deeper into the Supercharge path.

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