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Kelsey Rosenbaum

"I currently work for a global conservation organization, but often feel undervalued and stifled in my career. Since having my son during the pandemic, I found new inspiration to reflect on my talents and invest in myself, so I can write my own story of success. In 2022, I became a Life + Travel Coach and created RISE Global – empowering women to discover their unique genius and explore how they can effect change and create beauty in the world.

After months of 1:1 coaching, I wanted to create a program that would allow me to more efficiently reach a larger group of women. I loved the idea of tapping into the energy of a group to maximize my impact. I am a master at dreaming big and envisioning the long-term success plan, but the idea of creating structure and designing program curriculum felt incredibly daunting.

I watched Marisa’s promotional classes and felt a pull, but the timing felt impossible because I was already enrolled in an intensive travel design program, while coaching clients on the weekends, and my family was taking a big trip to France before the holidays…not to mention…the holidays! I truly wasn’t sure how I would find enough time in the day to complete the program, but the real question was – what do I risk by not taking this risk?!

Reflecting on my big WHY I was building my company, and who I was doing it for, I made the investment and joined the Experience Product Masterclass. In the last 12 weeks, I’ve learned the exact steps I needed to build a dynamic program and market to my ideal clients. I trusted the progress over perfection method to stay in motion and gave myself grace throughout.

With the weekly content deep dive from Marisa’s videos, the hands-on guidance and feedback from my coach and the entire EPM network, I gained more confidence in my expertise, designed my 6-week RISE and Revitalize program, enrolled 5 ladies, AND launched the program before graduation.

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Lorna Whiteaker

"I have been providing live educational trainings for business owners for the past 10 years. I was Director of Workshops for a non-profit and worked with hundreds of struggling entrepreneurs. I tried offering live online workshops as part of my business since I had created the workshop program for the non-profit I thought I could easily do it for myself.

It was almost impossible to compete with my self as a volunteer offering free workshops and as a business owner asking to be paid. So no real success there. However, I did have a fairly strong coaching practice doing 1:1. So last summer I launched my personal Accelerated Financial Game Plan (as a 1:1 program) to help entrepreneurs begin their financial recovery from the COVID hit on their businesses. Each of my clients reported getting the results they were going for. I knew I could deliver these results to others but also knew I could not realistically do more 1:1 - my time was maxed out.

I've ALWAYS wanted to do an online course (live or evergreen - I didn't care) and I have definitely had the THUD factor on more than one occasion. I had just about given up completely and was feeling like I was just not up to the task. It was so much work and I simply didn't know how to do it. And then...

EPM. I knew I could commit to 12 weeks of intense work and was looking forward to some real help from someone who had been down the path before me and truly desired to be my guide. THANK YOU Marisa Murgatroyd. Your kind guidance, deep understanding of what we were going to experience and your expertise made such a huge difference. I trusted the process (more importantly... I trusted you!) and did the work. I kept showing up even when I was feeling discouraged (and you always seemed to know just what to say that made a difference for me).

Just as I was getting ready to cross the finish line I tripped. I only made 3 sales which was not enough for mission accomplished. Frankly, I felt crushed. My program was starting in two days and I could not see how I was going to be able get to my goal. I needed at least 2 mores sales. So again, I showed up. I didn't feel I could spare the time but I kept the agreements I had made with myself. Do the work. Trust the process.

And then Marisa said something in her laser coaching that Monday. ""Ask the question - how?"" So I decided to just keep up the efforts to make another sale all the while asking myself ""how can I make it work for someone who signs up late?"" What happened is that one of my registrants for the course saw one of my sales posts and said ""tell me more."" She had already gotten a powerful a-ha moment in our first course module (she saw she was leaving money on the table from untapped opportunities) and she trusted me to be her guide. I upsold her to 1:1 coaching to accelerate her results. Win for her! Win for me! I hit mission accomplished and beyond. Whoo Hoo. "

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
Perfection is not a requirement to deliver amazing and valuable content to those I would help. A minimum viable product has immense value. Learning what my clients need and want is a powerful way to serve them.

How did EPM help you become successful?
I was already successful. EPM just helped me to level up my game so that I can serve more and make more money too.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
The activities needed to create my online course in a short period of time required that I move forward towards the targets even when missteps left me feeling like I was not going to "happen for me." There was so much consistent encouragement from Marisa and other EPMer's to keep going... no matter what. The program is filled with insight, great tools and strategies and plenty of support for the way entrepreneurs feel when things get tough. This program really allowed me to confront some things I have been afraid of (one, that what I had to offer was not good enough or ready for delivery). I had made a commitment to not quit no matter what. At the very end I had not made enough sales to hit mission accomplished. Rather than letting it stop me, I just kept looking for a way to make another one or two sales. Kept marketing and chatterboxing. It worked. OMG... it worked. I hit mission accomplished and beyond.

What has been the biggest change in your business?
The journey with EPM has allowed me to understand my audience in whole new ways. This is going to be huge for them and for me. I'm here to bring my gifts to them but I need to know what they value. That is now more clear than ever before.

What is now possible for you because of your Experience Product?
This is a supplemental revenue stream for me. I would like to travel 2 months out of each year. I know I can design my revenue strategies around that goal with an online course.

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Deb Fowler

While I didn’t hit “Mission Accomplished,” I still won BIG in terms of Coach Mark's skillful coaching sessions and all the members of our group who provided ""side coaching"" during Wisdom Wednesdays.
And Friday's Tech Tips were also amazing. I now have wonderful templates and worksheets from EPM that I know will do much more than ""pay off"" as I grow my business over the rest of 2021..

I'm one of those 2/4 Hermit/Opportunist people -- we're not designed to sprint, and need to be recognized and invited to lead and advise others -- so I'm a bit slower out of the starting gate. My success depends on my finding my niche, and that view is one which has changed as I dug into EPM's great opportunities for continued reflections.

My biggest long-term take-away has been whittling down the mindset that it's not safe for me to be seen, and the trap I've fallen into over the past few years of starting numerous projects and not completing them. My promises to myself are the most important promises I make, to the most valuable member of my team, and instead of yet another ""Vision Board"" I've converted my stance. That thing is a "Finished Board" from this moment forward.

So excuse me, dear friends and supporters, as I march over an check off those actions I need to anchor in the Real World to get my EPM product over the Finished Line.

Huge thanks! And I wish you all the best of whatever success looks like for you.

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Fatje WF

"I think this is one of the best marketing strategy ever !!so that people never forget how to to write your name and website!!!????????????
It’s like after EPM that I noticed that."

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Thomas Jenkins

I was having a problem getting people interested in my services, I wasn't sure what to do to drive traffic or how to communicate via social media. I joined EPM and discovered how to Chatter Box. With my coach's help (Jordan D.), I was able to start chatter boxing to get interest in my services.

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Hiba Enbeh

I was very overwhelmed with all the modalities, courses and programs that qualified me to help clients with their emotional stress and improve their lives. And I had a knowing deep inside that I had more to offer that would represent who I am while I continue holding the light of all the developers of the programs I’ve learned from. I had strong resistance at times to let go of what seemed to be my comfort zone that obviously prevented me from achieving my dream. I kept sabotaging and doubting myself and I wasn’t sure what to do. I was about to invest a big amount in marketing to get the support that I thought it was a must to do to grow my business until I came across and joined EPM. I felt that it was just the right fit to me as I needed something authentic to grow my own business. EPM was more than designing, launching and profiting from an Experience Product…it was an extraordinary personal experience by itself! I was fascinated with how much creativity and will power I accessed to have more awareness to what, how and why I offer what I am offering. I had a deeper look at my internal design and found out more about my authentic way that works for me and represents my beliefs, values, messages, realizations, and shifts in my own life while focusing on connecting to what my clients would be going through and find simple and easy ways that would resonate with them to achieve the results they want during and after my program with an experience that will stick in their minds and hearts to keep flying up high. Right at the beginning of EPM I was inspired by the idea that I can earn while I learn so I attracted a friend and a paid client who committed to walk with me through my adventure, which was extremely helpful. Chatter boxing helped me later on to close the deal with 3 other clients at the pre launching and the launching stage. My program is up and running now and I have reached my X goal and exceeded what I paid for EPM. My financial win so far is $4800. I am so much looking forward to keep testing and playing with my program until I can Xperiencify it and spread it to the world! Thank you Marisa, Coach Uwe, and EPM team and community for an extraordinary experience filled with love, inspiration, and support. Fly up high, Hiba Enbeh

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Stacey Lavely

I was having trouble coming up with a course that would dovetail nicely with my coaching packages. I knew my tribe/niche needed help with transition planning so I joined EPM and learned how to create an experience product for my tribe. I created the product and now I am in the process of chatterboxing with people to get people in my niche a roadmap to success for their loved one with special needs

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Michael Kell

"I was exploring new ways to increase my income. I started with affiliate marketing but my heart was not in it. Though, if not for Caleb and Ryan I would never have found 2022 EPM. I wanted to share the psychospiritual knowledge I collected over the years so to help others realise their purpose. No one is alone. No one is a failure. Unless they believe they are.

A second challenge was looking an effective online vehicle--the xperiencify platform. Now I know how to provide a course which is powerfully motivating. I need to add that I still work with Ryan for I have seen the power of joining the ASKMETHOD with EPM. Especially, for Bootcamps. I am in his year long coaching program.

I gave my addiction patients gold stars whenever they showed progress. I did this because I saw the importance of recognising people so to build their self-confidence. The Cub Scouts are great proponents of rewarding children. It works. This is the magick of EPM. Feeding the child within. Most people are starved for recognition and acceptance.

I am happy with EPM. Being in this program reminded me to be kinder and gentler with others. God Bless all of you. Coach Lucas, Murrey, Marisha, and your staff."

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I have been stalled in my online business for three years, blogging about pets, then about gardening. I pivoted to survivalism when I joined EPM based on Marisa's recommendation during the Momentum interview. I just launched my first program The Survival Framework workshop. I am confident that I can build my new business around this first product, and make a very profitable online business.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
I have the ability to help people learn how to survive the unexpected, and my hero needs me.

How did EPM help you become successful?
I was able to follow the EPM program and plan an entire marketing thrust toward making my course launch successful.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
I am feeling more confident in the products that I am offering. I also have several new products in development that I will take with me to the Momentum Activate program.

What has been the biggest change in your business?
I pivoted from the gardening niche to the survivalism niche, where I can make a larger impact helping people. Survivalism and gardening really go hand-in-hand. I can still teach about gardening, using the "Victory Gardens" of America's past as the basis for the course.

What is now possible for you because of your Experience Product?
I can take the first product and establish an entire business with ancillary products around it.

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Claudia Elliott

I started this ride with a clear idea of what my course will be about. My idea stayed the same throughout EMP, however I’ve learned to look at it with fresh eyes and without a doubt create a better product for it.
EPM has given me this create path to create a product which I can use over and over again - and I can see this getting better and better. The training modules provide the blueprint and the asset. Thanks!

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