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2034 Honest & Unedited Experience Product Masterclass Reviews

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Anna Lawrie

I handed in my notice only 4 days prior to lockdown with no idea what to do next!
I wasn’t sure what to do, my audience was tiny and I hadn't been in touch with them for 3 years!...should I try and get another job or do what I've always dreamed of and go it alone?
I decided to decide ...I joined EPM, I decided to believe in myself. I picked something and offered a LIVE online workshop and delivered it to 17 people ....the results were immense.
I re-offered the same workshop, recorded, as part of the EPM mission and so many more joined the workshop....and I smashed my mission accomplished stretch, I barely believed I would achieve mission accomplished!
I now feel optimistic about the future and feel excited to be able to help more people.

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Sarah Bonn

Your Mission Accomplished Story
I’ve always known I wanted to create a home management program that was different from others in my niche, but I lacked confidence in presenting it. Discovering Experience Product Masterclass was like finding a soul mate - it embodies the spirit I wanted my own program to have. I knew that EPM would guide me through creating a rich experience for my clients, my number one priority, but the parts of the program I didn’t expect were actually what helped me the most. Building up the details I knew I was missing and creating a program that follows Marisa’s Core Experience Escalation plan were what drew me in. Finding that my sales and marketing skills were also challenged to grow is what gave me the confidence to move forward. I learned how to spread my enthusiasm for my topic instead of simply relying on a checklist of features.

I joined EPM to complete and improve the methodology of my program: that was the mission goal I knew I’d reach. The other skills the program teaches and the support of my coach were the hidden gems that gave me the confidence that was the true missing element for me. Now not only do I have the type of in-depth experience program I always wanted to create, I also believe in my ability to communicate with my audience in a way that is simple and convincing which is the driver behind success in sales.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
It’s not enough to know the technical side of your business, you have to reach the hearts of your customers and create something they can’t do without.

How did EPM help you become successful?
With the steps in the EPM blueprint and the support of my coach, I got out of my own head and learned to showcase my product in ways that really grab potential clients.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
With multiple chronic health conditions, being my own boss is pretty much the only way I can contribute income to my family. But running a business isn’t for the faint of heart and my lack of confidence was holding me back. EPM has given me the tools to build it up for myself in meaningful ways that will support me for the life of my business.

What has been the biggest change in your business?
When writing or speaking about my program/business, my brain seems to work in 2 modes: to the point checklist or overly complicated novella. Neither of these is particularly effective from a sales standpoint, so the lessons in EPM which draw out the best of these and challenge me to hone and improve the way I write and speak about my program, have helped me create a sales site I can be proud of.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?
I’ve always known that I wanted to create a program that turned something boring but necessary into something to look forward to. I’m really excited to create a community of people who are happy to get together to work on creating their own sense of success.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I have to admit that a financial goal is an attractive one, but the true mission I had in mind for my time with EPM was gaining confidence. That may mean that my “mission accomplished” is different from most others, but for me it was more important. Having confidence not only in one's program but in the ability to connect with customers is the bedrock of financial success. EPM’s blueprint guided me while my coach supported and challenged me to be my best. An illness during my 12 weeks may have prevented me from acting on all of the marketing plans EPM helped me build, but my foundations have been set, my skills have been honed, and I can happily say I reached the “mission accomplished” goal that has the most impact on my future success.

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Algernon Williams

Your Graduation Story
We had a series that we did to a limited number of people live. And now we have an online version that we can offer to so many more people. We can see our way to living the life we have dreamt about.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
The biggest takeaway for me was learning how to keep my clients engaged and excited all the way through the 7 weeks. Implementing micro commitments and micro wins. Free giveaways in the middle to make them feel special. Using more stories to increase their emotional connection.

How did EPM help you become successful?
Even though we have not made any money as yet. we now have a product that we are proud of and are keeping going. This is just the beginning.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
Has given us more confidence

What has been the biggest change in your business?
Our focus has shifted from creation to sales. We are confident that we have a great product. So now our focus is getting people to see it.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?
We now have a tested product that we can take into the world.

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Chi Boakye

Before I came to EPM, I'd done a few extremely expensive courses but apart from finding them laborious and mind numbingly boring, even when I managed to stumble to the end of the programme, I always felt that I hadn't learnt any new insights or that the methods they used were passe and even a bit disingenuous.

And so I became quite disillusioned. I knew I had a brilliant method to help a lot of mothers who had children who learnt differently but I was at a loss with regards to how I could craft a course explaining how to unlock the potential of these children. Many parents with children who have learning difficulties need so much help but I couldn't figure out how to craft and market a course that would engage them in a great experience but also teach them what they needed to know.

And then I came across EPM and of course, at first, I was skeptical. My husband, more so, and there was much eye rolling from him when I first told him that I would like to give yet another course a try. He even made me ring Marisa, all the way in the States ( we live in London) to ask questions, and reiterate that the guarantee was real.

But from entering EPM's Welcome page, I knew it was different. So different that I cried from joy. From the moment I got in, I ravenously ate it all. I couldn't get enough. Each training gave me so many ah- ha moments and it was truly an amazing experience. And so now, I want to pass it on and will be delivering my first course in a few days time. I'm so excited but even more excited for my students. My husband's incredulous at how I've managed to do in a few months, what I'd been trying to do for years, and of course, because he's a lecturer, I'd been sharing all the insights I had while doing EPM and on a number of occasions, he's actually been quite blown away with Marisa's methods of getting people to the finish line.

I'm so grateful to Marisa and her amazing coaches. Doing this course has set me up for a wonderful future and I can't tell you how much this is going to change mine and my families life.

I had always wanted to do something for those in Africa, particularly because there isn't much for children, there, who are on the spectrum. I've already been approached for some online workshops that i'll be delivering in 2021 and I'm feeling so positive about what the future holds.

I now have the confidence to charge a good price for my course because I can insert various experiences that wow my students and give them a great momentum right through to the end. I can charge more, I now have a website which is the envy of all my friends, I know my purpose and I'm excited for the future.

It gave me the tools to craft a course that thrills, engages, teaches and transform. I feel on top of the world. I truly feel i'm a total expert in my field.

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Charlene Jacka

I have been teaching in person for more than 6 years, helping artisans get their beautiful pieces of art for sale on the internet. When COVID happened this spring I realized I was going to have to take a leap and try something new. I could have figured out on my own but I wanted to learn it fast and with help and I magically found Live Your Message. A few coaching sessions later I was in EPM.

I have so many ideas and EPM really helped me to focus my thoughts. Having a coach like Debra was just what I needed for my sanity. Just someone to throw ideas at and get feedback if I was going in the right direction.

The honest truth is I set a deadline a bit ahead of the classes for myself and I went for it. Before I was even in the marketing section of the class well, my class was FULL. The word of mouth from teaching before had me receiving a total of 53 sign-up. Thank goodness for the marketing section because it helped me to narrow it down to what I need to do (no more and no less). I ended up using just an application campaign to narrow down the first class to manageable list!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
Having a clear concise end vision helps to develop a class.

How did EPM help you become successful?
Helped me to get thoughts out and developed Into a well-structured course

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
Just helped me to get it together and leap - helped me to prove to myself that I can do it!.

What has been the biggest change in your business?
How I do my marketing.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?
I am learning so much as I go...I look forward to getting to the end and iterating again with the next class

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Esther Dick

Unfortunately I didn't end up selling my product. Mostly due to my own lack of confidence. I'm thankful that I will have the materials to come back to so I can continue to work at this. I'm determined to get there. I'm not successful yet. But I can see the way forward.

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Tawnya Schultz

I learned so much in EPM that I can't even begin to know where to start. I needed help getting clear on my marketing language and a platform I could use for my students. Through EPM and coaching, I refined my messaging so that my product is super clear, and have realized that less is more...I don't have to do all the things to be successful or sell people. I can hone in on one thing and build on it. Through my efforts, I continued to build my list and have breakthrough calls weekly, with many people converting to clients. While my product is an online course, I actually sold a women into my 1:1 coaching program which netted me $1800 in one setting. I've pre-sold 4 spots into my course so far and am excited to continue promoting through the launch in just a few weeks as I anticipate more sales. Thank you Marissa and Debra for putting together such a detailed, thoughtful experience, and for pushing me outside of my comfort zone.

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Corinne Bach

I'm Corinne Bach, singer and voice coach. The unfortunate circumstances of a global pandemic kept me from going back to my job as a singing cruise director but it opened my heart to my 10+ year dream of opening a music school for creative kids to professional singers.

I used to daydream about this when I was at work. Even in my off-time I would fill my journal up with ideas... Thanks to Marisa, Debra, and EPM, my dream is now a reality! It is my future; my sole focus, fulfilled.

Working on a cruise ship 12-15 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 4 months straight (no days off!) is a thing of the past. When this pandemic is over and cruise ships return to sailing again, I'll go as a guest entertainer a few times a year, never again as an employee!

As an entrepreneur, doing what I love in 1/3 of the hours, my goal is to make twice as much more monthly as I made as a cruise director! It's ON!

THANK YOU, Marisa Murgatryod and Debra Lindgren for showing me the path to fulfilling my dream and building a sustainable future for myself. I can't wait for this journey to continue!.

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BB Harding

I've known since 2017 what my mission is. (To bring all of creation into communion). I have avoided that for all these years because I did not know how to execute on that. When I shared that with people they pretty much said "un huh." No other recognition or conversation. I didn't know how to put that into words that would "entice" them to buy into anything that I might offer. I did have an idea for an offering and again no concept of how to present it. Through EPM I was able to come up with features and benefits. I now at least have people telling me things like "yeah, I do something like that too;" or "that sounds interesting, could I have some more information?" I am looking forward to teaching others "how to talk with more than humans."

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Jo Dale

Totally delighted to have signed up an organizational client to a pilot 8 week (!) leadership development program, plus some additional work and I also have another organization who is interested. I've learned so much on EPM about how to turn in-person delivery to on-line in a way that isn't about transferring a load of powerpoint slides, it's all about how to engage your audience and keep them interested so they want to learn more. I honed my niche, which was painful, but I'm now such much more confident in going out and talking about it. I've also created a free lead magnet micro course about virtual leadership, so it's been brilliant!

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