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Kat Kim

I had been sitting on my program for years. I was confident that I have good content and I desperately wanted to share my message to the world. However, I had become overwhelmed with the increasingly high number of programs that seem to be out there these days. I had purchased many of them, and either never finished them or did not receive value from them.

I didn't want to create a product that would just sit in someone's inbox, never touched. I didn't want to add to the overwhelm that I know my clients are already feeling. I wanted to make a real change in their lives!

When I heard about the Experience Product Masterclass, I instantly knew this class was for me. It spoke to all my concerns and desires for wanting to create something that was really meaningful and impactful. This program is beyond any program I have ever taken. I have learned so much, and YES I reached and surpassed my goal! I made $3,900 during the program, and I've only just started!

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Deborah N Hurwitz

Celebrating a major win: I have officially closed the doors of my Jan-June 2019 program launch with a total contract value of $160,000+ and December cash in the door of over $30,000! It was my intention to use EPM to "iterate my way to awesome" in this relatively new 6-month group coaching program (first launched Jan 2018 - this will be my 3rd round), and I can honestly say that the training I've received in EPM so far - especially crafting a renewal program that re-enrolled 2/3 of my current group - greatly informed my positioning, messaging and sales of the new program.

Further, my confidence in what I am now creating for delivery over the next six months (and beyond) through EPM is through the roof and I am truly excited to be serving this growing tribe of clients! Interestingly enough, the name of my program is Mission Accomplished (TM application filed - and named well before working with Marisa;)) and I'm happy to declare Mission Accomplished in EPM! Thank you Marisa, Murray, Don, Christine, coach Devin and the whole Live Your Message team! Next stop, Jump contest T-Shirt.

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Joyce Dias

There is something about Marisa!
I had been dabbling in various programs on how to create a course and taken a few high priced courses from some notable instructors without having lifted a finger to actually do the work. Many thousands of dollars later and nothing to justify the expense, I pleaded with my husband to let me invest in the Experience Product Masterclass. He sighed “THAT sigh” and gave me THAT resigned look as if to say, “there she goes again looking for the next shiny new course” to solve the problem of procrastination. Guilty as charged – until now!

But then something strange happened as I began to enter into the Experiment of the Experience. I learned not to worry about getting it perfectly right, realizing I never would.

The experience of the contests and fun prizes and the support of my fellow students suddenly gripped me, like a child trying to be good to earn presents from Santa Claus.

By the third week I realized that this was a completely different experience from the other courses I had taken. I was gripped by a fever to complete watching the videos and taking action every step of the way, however uncertain I felt and sat on my perfectionist dictator while I took incremental imperfect actions.

It was the mission and future self statement exercise that got me talking in a more cohesive focused way at networking events, that got people to sit up and take notice (and I thought I was developing a headline for my sales page). I began to tell my Origin story that had brought me from where I was (a very unfulfilled compartmentalized existence as an employee) to where I am today (a flourishing expanded business owner who is able to share herself, heart and soul with the world).

Having developed a more coherent system to take my clients through discovering their gifts, identifying with clarity what they were looking for and then transforming their lives, career and business choices to be in harmony with what they have to uniquely offer the world, I gained the confidence to tell my story from stage and captivate the audience sufficiently into getting 3 sales at $3000 (third sale happened today) each for my 3 month Coaching program , “ Born to Shine” that I begin in January 2017.

That is a freaking $9000 without having got all my perfect little ducks in a row, but flying in formation!

I always knew I could do it, but was so very slow in taking action, until I did. Thanks Marisa, I jumped and took the leap, and thank you for helping me build my wings on the way up!

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Phyllis Horner

YAY!! Mission accomplished! $ 2700 and though the course opened yesterday, as Marisa Murgatroyd said in the "rant" from heaven!!, turn over every stone. I'm still marketing for the next few days with 1-1 reach outs to those who are on the fence. Career Contentment by Design, a living thing! Thanks team!

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Domonique Forand

Hey! I'm the French Girl, I will need a little help fo make this text readable!!!

I’ve changed my topic Experience Product - 5 weeks before the end.

I was desperate and very sad. But it was the right decision. I’ve finally got crystal clear about my mission statement on January 27th. (Thanks to Christine)

From there, I’ve stick to it and did my best, until the end, convinced that I was not going to make it to mission accomplished because it was too late already. No more pressure, which was great to me!

I’ve used chatter box campaign and get in touch with people that was interested in my product. I was word less when my first client enrolled. I was half way to Mission Accomplished already. A couple days after, that same client enrolled his core team (for a pilot in his department) as a result: I’ve made 7000$ in 5 weeks

Plus, a possibility for me to enroll the entire team, if the experience is successful.

I feel energize and confident about the journey that is starting to me now.

ELITE Your Expertise – Masterclass ™ is the door for my clients to start working with me. And it’s also the path for me, to give back to the community, share my experience with my tribe and together create a better world for people.

I’ve enrolled 7 people total and my course is starting tomorrow. I feel confident and totally equip to deliver a powerful experience following the EPM framework. I see my dream comes to reality after 5 years of hard work, perseverance and consistent effort.

Thank you so much Marisa, Thank you EPM!!!

Dominique Forand, The French Girl!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
I can enroll a all program with just using the chatter box campaign. Which is what I did. I've enrolled 7 people in my program with just Chatter box campaign and we are starting on Tuesday Feb 13th.

How did EPM help you become successful?
I found the confidence and that I can trust myself. my mission and capacity to make it happen. was good enough. I discovered in the Monday coaching call with Marisa and how she coached everyone and the issues that people had that I was doing pretty well and not as bad as I thought. EPM made me gain confidence and believe that YES it was possible for me too. All the examples, case studies and real life trial, errors, failure and successes make this program totally different than all the other one I have enrolled in the past. This is the first time since 2012 and after spending 250,000 dollars that I have actually completed a program and achieved the promise of the program!! (Yes I've invested multiple hundreds thousands of dollars in other courses, training, coaching, etc. but I have to say that no one of them really deliver the promise. Marisa showed up each time and ALL THE TIME. The course was a real experience for me and that's exactly what I want to my clients. Experience product is THE new way for success. It was all new, all different and all very engaging and powerful.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
This achievement has made all the difference for me because I did it and I’ve been working on it since 2012 while everyone around me didn’t believe I would get there. This experience with Marisa and EPM — gave me a system I can trust, use and implement successfully. I trust myself and I see myself an expert. I no longer feel I need to do more and more and much more. I've implemented EPM and it's works, Yes, I did it! in less than 5 weeks

What has been the biggest change in your business?
The biggest change is that I am no longer saying “I’ll to do it”, because “I did it.” My course is starting tomorrow, and 7 people enrolled! Now I can do it over and over again knowing the Experience Product system, works. I got my first enrolment and it won't stop here. The sky is the limit for me and my business. I’ve been trying to launch my online business since 2012 and I’ve been taking multiple courses since that. Traveling across the world, from Australia, USA, Canada, etc. to find the best guru, mentor, coach, expert, to help me launch my course and my online business. I’ve created my website. I’ve spent years in developing and overthinking great courses and content, but I’ve never felt good enough to launch a course. Something was missing inside me. I had always new ideas to work on… As a result, I’ve never launched any course. In November, I was working on my copywriting, when a friend told me about a girl that had a different way of teaching how to launch a product. Curious, I asked her name. After our call, I googled Marisa and watch her video. BOOM! She got me, right away. I was very impressed by her message and how it resonates with me. Her voice, mission, energy, inspired me…. I still hear my little voice telling me: Oh no! PLEASE, not another course! I was frustrated, very disappointed and disillusioned with all the money I’ve spent without real result. Oh well! Crazy, or not! I signed up for EPM, although I was really scared. What a relieve when I got in the program and watch the Welcome video. I knew it was the right decision. Marisa and EPM made all the difference for me. It gave me a system I can trust, use and implement successfully. I trust myself now have the freedom of being the expert I’ve always meant to be. I no longer feeling the need to do more and more. I've implemented EPM and it's works, Yes, rushing to the end, I’ve finally did it in less than 5 weeks. If I did it as a French Canadian, everybody can do it too.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?
I’m so excited that I can share my program because it works! The most exciting thing for me is that I can tweak my system and experiencify and change the world, exactly how the EPM system changed my world.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
My Superhero here is Christine Dunn. I’d like to honor her and how much she saved my life in this program at lease twice and maybe more then that. I've started the program with a product I've been trying to launch for years, convinced that it was the perfect product for people to buy. After a while I've finally changed my mind understanding that my product was too big to start with. I needed something smaller to get people onboard with me and my business. However, early January I decided to change my entire product idea. Totally aware that it was too late for me to make it to mission accomplished. So I decided to stay in action and do my best through the end of EPM. At some point during the program, spinning my wheels and struggling with my mission statement, I was completely desperate. I've shared my sadness on FB and had some encouragement from my peers. But it did not solve my problem. I was embarrassed and too shy to ask Marisa about my mission statement. I was convinced that it was too late (I was far behind everyone). In the same time, I had this deep desire to move on with my new idea. However, Friday night, almost 11h pm EST, I wrote a message to Christine: Objet: I need help, please does anyone can help me please... The day after, turning on my computer... What a surprise!!! Christine have sent me the magic answer that got me unstuck right away. She gave me exactly what I needed to go further. I had my mission statement! Since that moment, nothing stopped me, I started reaching to people with the chatter box campaign and in a couple weeks I reached out to mission accomplished. She made a huge difference for me and I want to honor her for that. Not only did she understand how to help me craft my message, she also understood my distress. She perceived my vulnerability. There was only a few weeks left. She responded to my panic and I am so grateful. Finally the last thing I would like to add is that I hope, one day I will get access to the behind the scene courses/bonuses because, I have so much to give to the world. All together we create a better world. Thank you very much Marisa and Christine for this amazing experience! Cheers, Dominique

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Diane Kubal

Hey EPMers, good news! I just sold my first pilot of my CAREER essentials EPM 2-month course for $25K to Schneider Electric for a group of their millennial high potential talent! Bosch and another large electric company are interested in the 3-month version of my program, so much bigger $$ for the 2nd pilot in September- November!

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Vicki Suiter McNickle

Hey fellow EPMers, just had to share the amazing news...

Have been doing chatter box, and and did 1 webinar yesterday AND... just hit $15K.

Thank you for all the support throughout this journey!

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Michelle Bongiorno

EPM arrived in my life as "exactly what I needed and was waiting for" -- but definitely at the "wrong time". How many times has that happened? And how many times have I made the wrong choice, either by jumping in or holding back.

I'd wanted to work with Marisa for a long time and here was the chance. In my own work I hold the same belief-- that people are looking for experiences in life and my passion is creating those experiences, especially in live events. To hone my abilities through EPM and to learn further how to 'experiencify' all aspects of my programs, I knew Marisa was onto something.

At the same time I was really overscheduled with way too much on my calendar than any one person can reasonably create or pull off with any degree of quality. I didn't need one more thing begging for my time and attention. On top of this I had been in an accident and was suffering from a concussion. It was taking a long time to return to normal. In fact the symptoms were getting worse, not better. Part of that included having ZERO energy--ZERO! This was something I've never experienced before.

I was trying something novel when I committed to taking care of myself and rather than overriding my own needs--a rare focus for me
.My spirits were high, my creativity active, but I was running on empty as my body healed.

Then along came EPM. I could feel the pull of wanting to do this perfect-fit program and feeling like I wasn't in shape to do even begin. At this point I had an epiphany moment. It didn't have to be either/or.

I could say YES, and enter with my fullest possible YES given the realities of my life at this time. I could give it my all, even if my all might not be what my all might be 6 months from now. I could say YES, and accept that I might miss some beats along the way, I could say YES and accept that my performance might not be stellar in every moment. I could give a whole-hearted YES, and be willing to embrace the program without having to do it 'perfectly' or create the first time round the most wonderfully effective experience product. I could just say...YES! Free of all those constraining conditions. And so...I did, and in that YES, so MUCH happened!

I rearranged my schedule to be able to attend the EPM events that took place daily. I missed some of the team coaching sessions which took place only one day of the week and on my heaviest client day. But I showed up, and listened to recordings, and went through the program.......with such a satisfaction that I was showing up.

I watched myself feeling I couldn't ask questions because I hadn't done x or y, and saw how 'off' that kind of thinking was, raised my hand and asked a question during the Q&A and got so much authentic support and encouragement from Marisa. I took the week off to really catch up. I allowed all the efforts to motivate me to do just that ! I watched myself take care of myself AND show up for the beautifully and satisfyingly...IMPERFECT.

This was a huge one for me....great learning and even with that...I reached mission accomplished.

At the close of the EPM program 1PM I'd made $8,000. Mission Accomplished on that front and so much more to come! At this point I have made $14K More to come but it's midnight

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Daniel Rial

kaaaaaBOOOM - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! ????????????

I’m in the core track and I have been falling waaaay behind with all the tech stuff. I’ve also been going back and forth between two products - a Dating program and a Confidence program - and I’ve ended up with two almost complete programs that, if I may say so myself, are super awesome! ????

Haven’t had any other campaigns going (yet) other than ”Chatterboxing” but thanks to the Bird’s Eye view I been able to up-sell two clients from my normal ”organic coaching” into my programs (both Dating and Confidence) and where I normally would have made $5500 I now made $9500 instead, a 4k ”profit” which technically would be my target goal for EPM but I’ve had this thing where it felt like ”cheating” since they weren’t new clients.

Today I finally signed up a brand new client putting me at a grand total of $10500 and I’m hitting the button feeling pretty darn good about it!

I MASSIVE thanks to everyone in this group for your willingness to support and give feedback, you rock! ???? I will focus the reminder of EPM on delivering and developing my programs but also try to get more of my tech ready (domain email and sales pages mainly) so I’m hoping for your continuous support, which I also hope we can keep going in this group long after EPM has finished - I’ve begun to see this group as a ”virtual team” and I’d hate to lose it.

A special thanks to Debra Lindegren for your relentless willingness to support and find solutions to any challenge - it’s been GREATLY appreciated and you are a FREAKING ROCKSTAR! ???? #coachdebra

Keep going guys, stay confident and focus on your strengths - y’all got this! ??????????

PS Murray and Marisa - can’t thank you guys enough for Heroic, first time I’ve felt that I may be able to turn my achilles heel of technology into an advantage.

Stay epic!

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Ed Oakley

When I signed up for Experience Business Mastermind, my intention was to make sure I created the optimum experience for my clients. That certainly would be worth the $2k investment. One good referral from one of my delighted clients would cover that!

What surprised me is all the aspects of marketing we were given long before talking about what makes our products a great experience. I knew this was very important, so I engaged big time. I experienced the training, got some personal coaching from Marisa, utilized the Facebook Group wholeheartedly, both giving and receiving great feedback, and got some team coaching.

I really had fun using my energy measurement abilities to give people feedback. I even cleared a few stuck people of their key blocks in private FB Message sessions. I’ve never had more fun just giving for the sake of giving.

The greatest breakthroughs for me in using Experience Products came very early, though there have been many more. The early breakthroughs were the clarity of who my ideal client is and what I do for them – my product mission and promise. My ideal client is the 2nd Career Entrepreneur who wants to make a difference and is a bit stuck. I get them unstuck and in the FLOW in 7 weeks or less. And they get a one-minute tool for keeping them there.

That clarity alone changed the game as I traveled to a conference and got to share what I do with several dozens of people, as well as followed up with some old prospects with the new context. And when I started talking to prospective clients with this terminology, it resonated with their needs. With that clarity and connection, I closed $23,964 of business in about two weeks.

To say the least, that gave me breathing room to implement other EPM strategies in the delivery side. The result is a rock-solid experience for the client and my ability to sell it through Experience Sessions. I’ve closed substantially more business since then, at least twice that, and I’m now writing the book: 2nd Career Entrepreneur: 5 Steps to Assure Your Success, Freedom and Health

Blessings to Marisa and the whole team! You rock!

Hi I'm Ed Oakley, St. Petersburg Florida
I wrote the book Enlightened Leadership decades ago. Sold two hundred ninety five thousand copies and developed leaders from 67 different countries and now I'm doing the serious work of my life and what that is is unleashing the Second Career Entrepreneur.

What I what I do is take them from struggling to thriving in what they're doing within 12 weeks. There's a tremendous amount of stress in their lives and because of all of that, their relationships tend to be affected. They're struggling in their relationships. And as some of that--I'm trying to think what to pick back up--and sometimes, particularly with the second career entrepreneurs has some age on them. They've been working in the corporate world for a couple of decades or maybe even longer and they are starting to have even some health issues potentially.

So I help them deal with the emotional baggage, the belief systems, the mindset, the thoughts that they're having and the consciousness, all of those three things impact who they are and what I do is within 12 weeks. Get them to who they were intended to be to begin with when they came on this planet. When they were born, they had a purpose. And I get them ready to live into that purpose. That's what I do. That's wonderful. That's really great.

So what was your inspiration in going into the business?

I had to get really sick and in the process of getting sick, I was so sick--first of all, medical doctors couldn't tell me what was wrong with me. It was just an autoimmune disease they said and what you need to do is you need to take cortisone shots so that you will just ease the pain and the itching that you're having from this autoimmune disease. Well I knew if I did that, that was it would be a decision to just kind of have my life you know get worse and worse and worse until I was gone.

So that didn't make any sense for me. And so I challenged that situation and had a tremendous spiritual experience which told me that I had a tremendous opportunity at this point in my life. That this was a wakeup call.

When I started seeing the launch of EPM, it fascinated me. First of all, I was attracted to Marisa and who she is and where she comes from and I knew there was something special about her. I knew it wasn't just about marketing. I knew it was more about who she is and I knew it was the kind of person that I wanted to work with.

And so I started watching the launch videos and what appealed to me is I realized it was true from all of my leadership development years, I knew that the experience you provide the client is critical to the effectiveness of the work you're doing. And so I said OK that's that's an area I haven't focused on in this online environment so much and so I'd probably have to pay some attention to that.

And you know what if it just a couple of people that goes through my work, because I've made it a great experience, if just a couple more people referred me to other people. They would easily pay for this work with Marisa, so why not. So I never questioned it, jumped into it and haven't looked back. It was a phenomenal experience. I bought the course and the experience because I wanted to be sure that I gave my clients a good experience as they went through my work.

But that was that was very powerful when we got to that part, but what I didn't realize is the first whole half of the course, I think it was like 12 weeks long something like that, the first five or six weeks were not about the experience. The first five or six weeks were helping me get crystal clear about who my ideal client was and what their needs and what their desires are. And that was hugely powerful.

I am sure I went through entrepreneur, old entrepreneur, mature entrepreneur and then second career entrepreneur. Now let me tell you how I knew that was the one because within two weeks I had closed twenty four thousand dollars worth of business out of that clarity and out of talking to the right people.

So wasted a lot less time and I'm getting to the right people. And it's also taking me to the right conferences where these people are. The right meetings, the right ups and so forth. And so I did a little 20 minute presentation at a meetup just the other day and I've already gotten clients out of it. Out of clarity of who I'm talking with that.

My favorite part about EPM is the breakthroughs. However, I think if I look back at it, think through it, after I had done sort of my homework and went on to live sessions to get specific coaching from Marisa and the other coaches, to get feedback because when I get the feedback it was always another lightbulb came on.

Oh another subtle shift, another subtle change and a better understanding of who I am and what I'm really all about. And so I think it was that was probably the ideal that either getting clarity and then being able to talk to live to someone and get that feedback.

The business after EPM has been it's just kind of easy to find clients and close clients. I thought that it was going to take me a couple of months to pay for the course after the course was over. Well in the third or fourth week I got crystal clear on who my client was that second career entrepreneur. So my conversations were different, I was going to different meetings and conferences and I was closing business easily. And so it paid for itself right away.

This is like, three or four weeks and probably two more weeks. That's when I had closed twenty four thousand dollars in probably six weeks from the time it began. So it paid for itself before it was even over. That's never happened in any other marketing course that I've ever had. [49.6] Having an online business is very exciting to me because at this stage of my life I want flexibility. Here's my vision, I want to be able to market online to people say, in Barcelona Spain area because Barcelona is where I'd like to spend some more time.

All right. So I market to them and we plan a three day event and I go to Barcelona and do a three day event and Mary, my life partner goes with me, so we're going to make this a whole life experience, we don't just spend three days, in that three days we find out of these hundred people how many of you would like to work with me over the next month and fundamentally transform your life and business? Okay let's say 20 people raised their hand.

Then we stay another month or six weeks, we transform their lives, they become our new best friends. Some of them even become certified in the work that I'm doing so that they get to have a bigger impact, a leveraged impact on the world. And we just have a great time and we will get to experience the fullness of Barcelona which is a phenomenal city. I already know.

And then you know what? Maybe we take a break and come home and just relax a bit and go spend some time by the water which we enjoy and the concerts around, all the many arts, the festivals that go on in St. Petersburg, we just enjoy life here again and we decide, well where do we want to go next? Do we want to go to Thailand maybe? Let's do the same thing. So the online environment offers that opportunity.

You know, I am so proud to have served some amazing people who are my clients and are having huge breakthroughs. Phil originally called me because he was afraid that he had destroyed the relationship with his wife. He was really upset. Well we had handled that within a week or so. He was backed into the relationship with his wife within a week. And so then we switched to work in his business.

And so now it's several months later and he calls me says Ed since I've been working with you my business has doubled, I've got better quality clients, the relationships I had with the clients are awesome. And he said and there's tremendous more opportunity even within these clients without even having to do any more marketing. And he said Ed you know the relationship with my wife is awesome. And he said Life is good in general.

He said that there's just one issue and if you could fix this, you'll be my hero for life. And I said, what is it Phil? And he says well my right knee and my right hip are killing me. A pain of like six or seven on a scale of 10. Wow. He says it's hard to get in and out of the car, if I sit more than 30 minutes, it's hard to get up, it's very painful and can you help me with it? I said, Phil look, you know I'm not a medical professional in any way, I do not diagnose anything. The only thing I can do is let's take a look and perhaps release any emotional issues and beliefs and if there's any consciousness issues we can deal with those. And let's just see what happens.

So 20 minutes later we had figured it out and done the process. And I said get up and walk around. He gets up he walks around, he comes back, he's on Skype and he is chuckling as he goes back to the computer and he says OK the pain is now two or three, I can't believe it. In that period of time. And I said look this is a physical issue, all we're doing is releasing the emotional stuff. So it might take some time, let's see what happens over the next few days. Text me any change you have.

The next day I got a text that said one to two. The next day zero point five to one. Three days later he said the last three days in a row zero pain. I talked to him the other day, six seven months later, no pain. So that is tremendously satisfying to me. To see someone's entire life, their business, their relationships their health all turned around.

My days are a little bit varied. I wake up and I usually wake up with some new insights and I right away got to get on capturing these insights. I'm also during the day at different times, I am also doing the work that I do with my clients. And so I do that in a period of time. I just do it when it's appropriate to do it because I don't have to be talking with them on the phone.

So I didn't do office hours right? I don't have to be on Skype or had a zoom. I just do it and they know that I'm doing it for a period of time. And so I do that kind of work. And I do a lot of creative work because I'm just getting more and more insights all along on what we can do to really impact the world in a major way.

But meanwhile, you know maybe it may have rained yesterday and I was stuck inside. And today it's a beautiful day, so I might say Mary, let's take a bike ride. And we'll take off and do an hour or hour and a half bike ride or something. And along the way, we might run across something interesting to do and we might do that for a couple of hours and come back and all right, it's time to get to work again. But getting to work might be sitting on a park bench at the marina. You know, I love to watch the birds and the boats around the marina.

OK. What would you say to someone who is considering EPM?

You know if someone is considering EPM, I would say simply, if you've got a pretty good idea of what your talent is and how you're going to make a difference in the world and there's any question about who you should be working with and how to address them how to approach them how to market to them and once you've marketed to them how to deliver the services in the most powerful ways, then you absolutely should work with Marisa and EPM.

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